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02 May 2019

KH-7 washes your bike each stage!

New KH-7 washing service

An important novelty of La Rioja Bike Race is the new KH-7 bicycle washing service, that will clean the bike to all riders who go to their washing area after each stage.

All riders can leave your bike at the end of the stage and pick it up clean and ready for the next day. It will be a fixed and free service available for all those who want to use one of the best riders services that are available to all of you.


Besides, KH-7 will also give a product sample in the Welcome Pack.


20 years joined to sport

KH-7 has been supporting sport for more than twenty years and being part of  La Rioja Bike Race is a satisfaction, at a time when its involvement with cycling is much greater thanks to the effectiveness of KH-7 for cleaning the bicycles’ drivetrain. 

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