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12 Apr 2024

¡Prepárate para La Rioja Bike Race con total tranquilidad gracias a Reale Seguros!

¡Descubre nuestras opciones de seguro para garantizar tu tranquilidad en La Rioja Bike Race! Protege tu bicicleta y asegura tu participación con ingood by Reale Seguros.

ingood Bike Insurance: Comprehensive coverage in case of theft and/or accidental damage, with a reimbursement of up to €2,000, and a compensation of up to €200 in case of delay or loss of your bike in the transport prior to the event (details). This protection is valid from the day before the race until the close of the event, guaranteeing the safety of your bike at all times.

ingood Non-Attendance Insurance: Coverage that reimburses the registration fee for La Rioja Bike Race in the event of unforeseen circumstances that prevent your participation, such as accidents, illness, delays in transport to the event, official calls, cancellation of the only companion and more. Check the details here.

Don't leave anything to chance and insure your participation in La Rioja Bike Race with ingood by Reale Seguros, so all you have to worry about is enjoying these 3 days of pure XCM to the fullest! You can take out this coverage from the "My Registration" section

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