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08 May 2023

Warm up with GARMIN before each stage and they will answer all your questions!

We want to make sure you have everything you need and that everything runs smoothly. That's why GARMIN will be offering a technical support and consultation service during the event.

Don't worry if you arrive on Friday at the bib pick-up and the track doesn't load. Or if you want to know how to pair your phone and your GARMIN device. Or if you need to activate your alerts so that the man with the sledgehammer doesn't do his thing. Luis Visús and Raúl Raposo, GARMIN employees, will be at your disposal to answer your questions, help you and solve your possible problems 'in situ'.

In addition, in La Rioja Bike Race presented by PIRELLI we warm up like the pros, on a roller roller. Before each ride you will have an area specifically prepared to warm up. The time you want and at the intensity you want. Open to everyone.

From then on, what happens in the race is up to you. 

La Rioja Bike Race




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