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01 May 2023

Leave your bike as good as new after each stage, thanks to KH-7's free cleaning service.

Once you have finished each of the three stages through La Rioja, you will be able to leave your bikes in the tent set up by KH-7 so that they can be left as good as new.

We know that this is one of the services that you appreciate the most and that makes us a reference as far as stage races are concerned. Arriving from the hard and demanding stage that we propose and all you have to think about is eating and resting. And to visit the Calle Laurel. The rest will be done by the KH-7 cleaning team. 

Ready with their degreasing cleaning products, they will have a tent at each arrival ready to leave each and every one of your bicycles spotless. Yes, as you read this service is free and open to all participants of La Rioja Bike Race presented by PIRELLI. 

Once collected, the only thing you will have to think about is how to get to Calle Laurel.

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