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27 Apr 2022

Bike Race by Garmin Segments

New challenge for a unique jersey in the final general classification

Garmin continues supporting Bike Race by Octagon Esedos, and repeats the action of the last edition: a new category called 'Bike Race by Garmin Segments' where each day there will be a winner and a winner, being the one with the best time in the segment of each stage who will receive Garmin merchandising products. On the last day, the overall winners of this new category will win the exclusive leader's jersey of the Bike Race by Garmin Segments. 

This year there will be Garmin technical advice every day, a free service for participants. 

There will also be available the TACX warm up area, a free warm up service with a roller one hour before the access to the boxes in the same starting area of each of the stages.

In addition, you will also find in the official networks of the competition, explanatory videos where you can solve doubts about Garmin devices: how to upload tracks and segments, information and tips about LiveTrack, GroupTrack, ClimbPro and management of alerts. Very useful information to get the most out of your device during a race.

Video: What are Bike Race by Garmin Segments?


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