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28 Apr 2022

ISB SPORT evolves its range with the new Endurance, Pro and XForce series.

ISB will be present at La Rioja Bike Race presented by Pirelli

ISB Sport goes forward in the cyclist's cycling experience by offering an ideal bearing type for each rider and each sport discipline. Exponentially improving performance through a refined segmentation, ISB Sport differentiates the Endurance, Pro and XForce Series.


If you are a cyclist looking for bearings with high performance, high durability and wear resistance that allow you to ride for long training days, without losing fluidity over time, the Endurance series is your choice. High-quality, patented steel bearings with a service life 1.5 times longer than standard bearings. This is the series that encompasses the widest range of bearings of the brand, as they are available for: wheel and bottom bracket, suspension and swingarm (with the renowned Vmax bearing), the steering of the bike.


For High performances Designed for cyclists who compete occasionally and require a hybrid ceramic/ceramic bearing to achieve higher performance. Race-ready bearings, in terms of friction reduction and achieving those marginal gains we demand so much. High-end bearings, available for both the wheel and bottom bracket.


For Race challenges Welcome to the world of premium bearings whose characteristics make them especially suitable for riders who are committed to high competition. ISB XForce bearings, with an evolved structure, provide the extra performance, efficiency and power required in the most demanding top-level competitions. They have been developed in collaboration with professional teams such as SCOTT Cala Bandida and Cannondale TB and tested on the ISB Lap Engine. ISB XForce is the race winning formula and is available for both wheel and bottom bracket.

More information at: www.isbsport.com

La Rioja Bike Race




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