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23 Jun 2021


New section on the road with a prize

Pirelli will award Scorpion™ XC M 2.2 and Scorpion™ XC H 2.2 tyres to the participant who passes in a specific position in each of the stages of La Rioja Bike Race presented by Pirelli. 

For the FLASH STAGE, a prize will be awarded to the participant who is in the 220th position on the Pirelli section, referring to the width measurement of a Pirelli 2.20 tyre. For the NISSAN SUPER STAGE, the participant in the 50th position will be awarded, and for the FINISHER STAGE, the participant in the 120th position will be awarded, referring to the 120 tpi of MTB tyres.  

The Pirelli section will always be at time point 2. 


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