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18 Jun 2021

Are you ready to give it your all next week?

Garmin recommends the best accessories to improve your performance.

Apart from the legs, there are other elements that help us to complete our objectives and competitions more efficiently, and without surprises. To get ready for a competition like La Rioja Bike Race presented by 2021Garmin offers us an ideal cycling ecosystem to cover different needs during the training process or in full competition.

Nowadays it is very necessary to have a cyclometer that offers us all the basic details of the route we are doing. Garmin also offers us advanced cycling dynamics, which allow us to better understand the effort we are making and to take better care of ourselves. Garmin's flagship product is the Edge 1030 cyclometer, which lacks nothing.

It's also becoming increasingly important to measure watts, whether you're training to improve, or in competition to measure your effort and dose yourself. The latest in Garmin's range of potentiometers is the Rally, which, as a great novelty, offers a new version for MTB, in addition to the road versions for Look and Shimano.

And every MTB enthusiast should have a light for those night rides or winter rides when the sunlight disappears in the evening. Garmin's solution is the Varia light, both front and rear. The latter incorporates a rear vision radar that detects vehicles approaching from behind when training on the road. In this way, we can alert and be alert at all times.

As we said at the beginning, not everything depends on the legs. There are many elements to take into account both on race days and in training, and some of them help us to improve our performance while controlling our health and wellbeing.

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