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08 May 2019

“Riojan area is absolutely fantastic”

Hildegunn Hovdenak (VPG) revalidated the title of champion of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén less than a month ago, and is eager to give the maximum. Last year she achieved a stage at La Rioja Bike Race, without being able to win the strongest Clàudia Galicia.

Your expectations are…

I am very eager to do my best once again, in La Rioja. That said, I am very much insecure what to expect from my body. I just hope I can go full gas, as much as I can, and hopefully reach top three. If I am so lucky to have four very good days in a row, I might be able to win, but I don’t expect it.


Your contenders, are strong.

I know Clàudia, and she is very strong, and I guess she also knows the area better than me, so she will be very hard to beat. Rocío del Alba I don’t know, but from what I can see on Instagram, she looks like a very very good rider. I also know there will be other strong girls, amongst them, my friends from Norway.


La Rioja Bike Race route benefits you…

When I am in shape, some of the routes fits me quite well, but, on the other hand, some of it, not so much...


You’re more combative in…

The good long downhills.... If there are not to many men blocking the singletrack. I love the rolling landscapes of La Rioja, the route is absolutely fantastic.


A moment that you remember specially...

I remember very well the gigantic bottle of wine I got last year. But I had to give it away when I came home. So, I must do my very best to get one for myself.

La Rioja Bike Race




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